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Get to Know about Bridges Eyewear, Local Brand Glasses with International Quality

The use of glasses has now become part of the people’s lifestyle trend. Glasses are considered capable of supporting a person’s appearance. Regardless of their function, nowadays many people use glasses for just style. So do not be surprised, if now starting to appear eyewear brands that present many innovations, one of which is Bridges Eyewear.

Bridges Eyewear presents a variety of glasses with designs according to the current trends in the market. Hundreds of eyewear models have been launched, ranging from reading glasses to stylish glasses.

The owner, who is also the third generation of Optik Melawai, James Hadisurjo, revealed that the reason he built Bridges Eyewear was to provide an alternative to different eyewear models and designs. He also explained that his vision is to develop Bridges Eyewear such as the Zara and Uniqlo versions of the glasses.

In choosing the material, James chose metal and plastic. For plastics, James uses full acetate, which is the standard for world eyewear brands. This material has the advantages of being light and comfortable to use.

For the use of his lenses, James chose high-quality lenses for both reading lenses and sunglasses. The lens also features protection from ultraviolet rays so that users don’t have to worry about sun exposure.

“There are various kinds of index lenses, the higher the index, the thinner and more expensive. We provide medium high index lenses, namely 1.6 and super hydrophobic, which means scratch resistant, cleaner,” said James as quoted by Kompas.

Most recently, Bridges Eyewear launched a classic blue eyewear series. The choice of this classic blue color was the backdrop for the coronation of Pantone Inc. against classic blue being the Color of the Year choice this year.

For those of you who are interested in using glasses from Bridges Eyewear, you can get them by visiting Instagram @bridgeseyewear or accessing the official website at

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